Here Comes Trouble!

Make mischief with a funny-face collage.



What you need:

What to do:

  1. This activity can be used on its own or as an extension to David Shannon's book, David Gets in Trouble. If you have the book, start by reading it with your child. In the book, David gets into mischief and gives familiar excuses ("It was an accident!") to try to explain the situation.
  2. Begin the activity by cutting out shapes to make a face collage — head (circle), nose (triangle), eyes (smaller circles), ears (half-circles), and so forth. Encourage your child to identify the shapes.
  3. Can your child think of something another child (not him!) might get into trouble for? Like David, he might pull the cat's tail, break a window with a ball, spill his milk, or even forget to get dressed! Silliness is strongly recommended.
  4. Make a face by gluing the construction-paper shapes onto another piece of paper. Then, fill up the rest of the paper with a scene of David (or another child) getting into mischief.
  5. Finish up the picture by writing below it the excuse the child might give ("I couldn't help it!"). This activity also provides an opportunity for a discussion about consequences — what might the child in the picture do to make up for the misdeed? He might help clean up, say "I'm sorry," or give someone a hug.

Learning benefits:

  • Encourages creativity
  • Supports role-playing skills
  • Enhances shape recognition
  • Provides practice with early writing skills
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