Sound Box

Listen closely to hear all the sounds in a word.

Nov 28, 2012



What you need: 

  • three pennies 
  • paper 
  • pencil  

What to do:
1. On the paper, draw a "sound box" that looks like this:

2. Give your child three pennies to use as markers. 

3. Say the word sat. Stretch the sounds as you say the word: sssaaat. Drag a marker to each box as you switch from one sound to the next. Ask your child to repeat after you. 

4. Then have your child write a letter in each box for each sound in the word. For example, say "What is the first sound in sat? Write the letter that makes the /s/ sound." Your child will then write the letter s in the first box. Continue with the rest of the sounds and letters in the word. 

5. Create a clean Sound Box and continue this activity with any three-letter short vowel word, such as mansitlethotsun, etc.

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