Build Map Reading Skills in 6-7 Year Olds

Does your child dream of finding buried treasure or exploring the globe? Try these activities to build his map reading skills.

By Michelle Anthony, PhD



Build Map Reading Skills in 6-7 Year Olds

Use these activities to strengthen map reading, schema building, and literacy in your 6- to 7-year old:

  • Letterboxing is an interesting mix of treasure hunting, art, and navigation, with a bit of literacy thrown in as well -- like geocaching for the artist. 
  • Pirate Adventure: Learn about real pirates across history in this fun interactive. You will likely need to read this to your child, but it asks comprehension questions as the adventure progresses. What a fun way to get your child involved in higher level thinking and literacy skills! You can also learn about the discovery of the Whyduh after nearly 300 years at National Geographic
  • Pirate Math: Enhance your child’s math abilities with these fun ideas for pirate-themed math activities
  • Treasure Hunt: Make an edible treasure (e.g., cut a Ho-Ho® in half and put a candy ring, chocolate coins, and candy necklace inside). 
    • Want on online version? Check out Tombquest, a game in which kids can create their own games and adventures through the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
  • The Mystery at Oak Island: Ready for a real life mystery adventure? Unless your child is an advanced problem solver, you may need to support your child to have this adventure. Along the way, your child will decode symbols, which is a nice entry into talking about decoding skills. When children decode a word, they ascribe sounds to letters. Here they can ascribe letters to a different kind of symbol. 
  • Pirate Writing: Pirates are famous for their letters-in-a-bottle. Encourage your child’s writing skills by having her put pen to paper to create some fun pirate notes. Get a plastic bottle and cork at a hobby store and add some sand and glitter for authenticity. Bring it to the post office for hand-stamping and mailing! 
  • Explore Patch the Pirate Radio Broadcast
  • Treasure Map Book & Activity: Listen to the story and print out the accompanying map. Can your child follow the parrot’s directions as the book progresses and find the treasure? When she is done, click around for more pirate activities.
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