Awesome Magazines for Kids

Kids love getting their own mail boost their reading skills by subscribing to one of these great magazines for kids!

By Rachael Taaffe
Feb 04, 2014



National Geographic Little Kids

Ages 3 to 6

Why we love it: Just like the grown-up version, National Geographic Little Kids opens eyes by offering articles on scientific topics, foreign cultures, and animals from around the world. Subscribe here. ($15/yr, 10 issues)

Chop Chop
Ages 5 to 12

Why we love it: This pub for young foodies is packed with easy recipes, lessons on basic kitchen skills, and safety tips. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous, almost-edible photos of every recipe! Subscribe here. ($15/yr, 4 issues)

American Girl
Ages 8 to 12

Why we love it: From creative craft instructions to advice on overcoming conflicts between friends, American Girl celebrates individuality and helps build self-esteem. Ad-free! Subscribe here. ($27/yr, 6 issues)

Ages 9 to 14

Why we love it: For curious readers and history buffs. Each issue is an adventure to distant lands and times, jam-packed with primary source documents, old photos, and fun facts. Subscribe here. (Print: $34/yr, Digital: $18/yr, 9 issues)

Find More Cool Magazines for Your School
Scholastic produces more than 20 great magazines for kids at every age, covering science, language arts, and everything in between. Kids can access the top stories from mags like Scholastic News, Scholastic Scope, and SuperScience any time online at, but check with your kid’s teacher to find out if she’s signed up the class for a print subscription.

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