The Power of Potty Humor

A little potty humor goes a long way to make reading fun.

By Allison McDonald



The Power of Potty Humor

Farts and poop are funny. They just are, especially when you are a kid and told not to laugh about them. Potty humor may not be your first choice when it comes to reading material for your children, but it's usually a sure bet when kids are picking out their own books.

A lot of parents are reluctant to allow their kids to read books filled with potty humor, but I encourage their inclusion in a family library that has all kinds of books. It's about balance, not banning. Children who are allowed to choose their own reading material are more likely to read for fun. As a parent I will use many strategies to ensure my kids associate reading with fun, even if that means a little potty humor from time to time.

Here are six picture books about poop and farts that your kids will love — and you might just giggle while reading, too.

The Gas We Pass by Shinta Cho. Kids love giggling at gas, but this book uses humor to explain what it is and why it's normal.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. This book is a kid favorite that brings giggles and is also really useful when you are potty training.

Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray. A funny story about unconditional love.

I Stink by Kate McMullan is an alphabet book full of gross things and just enough potty humor to keep them giggling from A to Z.

Good Families Don't by Robert Munsch talks about how nice families don't fart — except that they do.

The Underwear Book by Todd Parr is pretty tame on the potty humor meter but high on the fun meter.

Do you allow your kids to read books with potty humor? Tell us why or why not on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page and let's chat!

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