Play in the Pages of "Can You See What I See?" Books

What do found objects, toys, photography, puzzles and riddles have in common? A magical world waiting for your kids to discover - from cover to cover.

By Maggie McGuire
May 03, 2013



Play in the Pages of "Can You See What I See?" Books

May 03, 2013

Walter Wick is the artist, photographer and puzzle maker behind the gorgeous and playful book series Can You See What I See? My boys loved all of them – Cool Collections and Dream Machine are their favorites. The newest one is Out Of This World. Truly. Every page is a visual feast where kids read riddles and seek and find hidden objects he has cleverly placed in a set design so gorgeous you just can’t imagine how it was conceived.

Not only do I recommend playing in the pages of these books with your kids (they’re so cool – adults will love them too!) but now you can take a look at how his photo puzzles get made!  Check out Walter Wick’s Facebook page, where he’s been posting pics of his latest creations.

He just added photos from Can You See What I See: Out of This World, including a look at the Time Traveler and the Early Morning puzzles. This is one of my favorite pics of the featured robot in the making -- Walter writes: The robot was built up from hand-made parts, meticulously crafted by Randy Gilman (a freelance artist who works at the studio). The nose is cast from a salt shaker top. I bet you missed that in the finished shot!

Robot in the making:

In the book!

I shared these and many others with my two boys last night at home. My husband and kids are big model makers and love to build and make things with all kinds of materials so these pics had a big impact on them (gave them lots of ideas!!). They really offer up a “WOW! How does he do that?” moment.  I think your kids will love seeing how the pictures on every page actually get made!

Also for your kids, check out the Can You See What I See? website -- it’s chock full of  photos, seek and find games and videos of Walter behind the scenes in his studio creating his amazing visual puzzle designs. Or check out all the Can You See What I See? books here

Happy reading and playing!

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