Parents Weigh In: Proud Moments

When have you felt in awe of your child? Check out what real parents had to say about some of their proudest moments.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Jan 25, 2018



Portrait of elementary school boy holding up his test paper

Jan 25, 2018

Now that you've entered the new year, it's a perfect time to reflect on the time that's passed for your family. There are always big challenges that come with every year, but there are exciting moments too. Did your child read his first chapter book? Did your kids welcome a new sibling? Did your young learner ace her first spelling test? By remembering all of the wonderful moments your children brought you, you're not only reminded of how much they've grown, but how much has been learned and accomplished. 

That’s why we asked our Scholastic Parents Facebook audience for their proudest moments as parents. Check out their special memories below -- from watching their children volunteer to running alongside them in a marathon.

“My child won the school's spelling bee!” --Nicole R. White

“My daughter MaKayla is 9 years old and this year she decided to buy everyone in our family (total of 9 people) a Christmas gift with her own money. She is very good at saving her money that she earns by getting good grades and [from] the tooth fairy. She usually spends her money on herself, buying books or school supplies, but it took me by surprise when she said she wanted to buy a little something for everyone. I had such a proud mother moment. I told her how proud I was of her and how much I love the person she is.” --Emma Jean


“My 5-year-old son, who's in kindergarten, got so behind in his learning curve. I tranferred him to a new school and in 5 months he's now reading, sounding out letters, and also got recommended into GT. I was in AWE. He has grown so much education-wise and I love seeing the progress.” --Leticia Aguilar Padilla

“My dyslexic 10-year-old finishing his first chapter book was pretty high on my list!” --Adrienne LaBare

“These two boys have the utmost care for this little brother of theirs. You see, they welcomed little Xander in April, with holes in his heart, brain issues, a blood disorder, and 6 toes on both feet. There have been nights of homework done without mom, loss of activities, missing having mom at school events. But these two don't miss a beat. The love and support they have for him is top notch. They have understanding and compassion for their brother. And they have been THE BIGGEST help and support for their mom. Xander is a lucky guy to have such wonderful brothers to look up to.” --Jacque Stineback

“When he told his teachers he could count to ten in French, they raised an eyebrow in disbelief, and then he proceeded to do it. Sometimes he does listen to what I teach him.” --Tara Kagel


“My 9-year-old daughter has been having a rough few years with kidney disease, multiple learning disabilities, bullying etc. We love to watch Stranger Things together and we went to a comic con where some of the cast was [there]. There was a costume contest and her face lit up when they announced she won 1st place! She'd never won anything before and it really boosted her confidence. She [even] won a picture with the cast.” --Tracy Sherman

“My 7-year-old ran her first 5k!” --Keri Finderburg

“My son read a book [to me that] he had never read before by himself. He was so proud and so was I. He never felt comfortable enough to read out loud because he has always felt like he just couldn’t do it, but he finally did and now he reads everything out loud to me!” --Jaime Criswell

“My daughter got a new baby brother back in March. I was worried so much during my pregnancy about how she would handle it since they are only 18 months apart. She loves her brother so much and is never mean to him. She has never taken any jealousy out on him and is always kissing and hugging him. I am so proud of the big sister she has turned out to be.” --Amanda Ostrander

“I took my niece and nephew from foster care and that has been hard on my son who was an only child. My proud moment is when I hear them defending and standing up for each other when someone is picking on one of them.” --Holly Mobari

“My 11-year-old takes her lunch period to help tutor other kids who struggle in math, by choice. One of the students has done phenomenally well and expressed how grateful they were to my daughter. The proudest moment though was when my girl was moved to tears on how good it made her feel to know her time meant something to someone else.” --Michelle Rijo

Do you have moments your child made you proud? Let us know on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.


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