Giving Kids a Voice During the Season of Giving

Teach kids that what they say and do matters.

By Amy Mascott
Nov 08, 2017



Nov 08, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published on November 17, 2014. 

November is a time for preparing for the holidays and giving thanks, but it’s also a time for using our voices.

It’s a time to set an example by using our voice for good and encouraging our kids to do the same.

As parents, we can be the example for our children in the ways we focus on supporting giving campaigns, donating to meaningful causes, or expressing our thanks for all we have. It can really be exciting to watch our children follow our lead, especially when holiday sales, promotions, and items saturate store shelves and advertisements at this time of the year.

Choosing one cause and empowering children to get involved alongside us is one step that we, as parents, can take. When our children realize how good it feels to give to others, there’s no telling how far they will take it.

Here are some ways to give our children a voice during the season of giving:

  • Volunteering at a local thrift shop or soup kitchen;
  • Holding a bake sale to raise money;
  • Making crafts or small ornaments to sell;
  • Gathering friends to write letters to government representatives or political leaders;
  • Making posters to encourage friends to support a cause;
  • Sending emails or letters to friends and family to teach them about a cause or campaign;
  • Having a conversation with a friend about an important cause.

The possibilities are endless.

It’s really about having our kids learn about giving themselves and then encouraging others to join them. The more, the merrier—especially when it comes to giving back to the community and world around us!

Sometimes, just sharing stories about other children who have used their voices is impetus enough for our kids to speak up.

Read these books as a starting point for fundraising, giving, and making change:

Create Your Own Cool & Original Stuff by Karen Cooper

Catch the Spirit by Susan K. Perry

The Giving Book  by Ellen Sabin

Girls Who Rocked the World by Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden

Boys Who Rocked the World: Heroes from King Tut to Bruce Lee by Michelle McCann and David Hahn

How do you encourage your children to use their voices during the holiday season?  We’d love to know!

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