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An education matters and that&s true for children ALL over the world!

By Amy Mascott
Aug 31, 2015



Aug 31, 2015

Why not begin this school year helping your child to better appreciate his or her own classroom, teachers, and school building?

Does your child know that in some parts of the world, children walk for two hours to get to school? 

Or that some classrooms meet in caves? 

Or that for some children, school is a place of safety and peace? 

Or that some students have to carry their desks and chairs to school? 

Or that some classrooms are on boats?

These six books about school around the world will surely open your child's eyes to the fact that maybe school isn't so bad for them after all.

Off to Class: Incredible and Unusual Schools Around the World
by Susan Hughes

Children will see schools that truly meet in unusual places, like caves and train platforms, so students will probably never look at their own classroom in quite the same way!

This Is the Way We Go to School
by Laine Falk

The many ways that children get to school around the world may surprise you!

My School in the Rain Forest: How Children Attend School Around the World
by Margariet Ruurs

Real photos of children in schools in13 different countries will appeal to today's school children and open their eyes to the differences in schooling around the world. 

It's Back to School We Go! First Day Stories from Around the World
by Ellen Jackson and illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis

The first day of school is explained in 11 different countries!

School Days Around the World (DK Readers L3)
by Catherine E. Chambers

The focus here is on how children in seven different countries go to school in different but similar ways.

Every Road Leads to School
by Kelly Griller and illustrated by Clovis Brown

Children on a small Caribbean island prepare for school and take many different types of transportation to get there!

If nothing else, these titles will surely help your children realize that though much is different in schools around the world, one thing holds true: an education is to truly be valued!

Are you familiar with any of these titles? What books do you reach for when talking to your children about school around the world? 

We'd love to know! Share your ideas, tips, and tricks on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!


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