Beautiful Quotes From Banned Books

Read through these significant quotes with your child during Banned Book Week.

By Allison McDonald
Sep 24, 2015



Beautiful Quotes From Banned Books

Sep 24, 2015

Banned Books Week is September 24th-30th this year (note that the dates do change year to year), and to celebrate I decided to get off my soapbox about why banning is a terrible idea and let the books speak for themselves. These 10 beautiful quotes are all from some of the most banned or challenged books. The American Library Association has compiled lists of the most banned and challenged books for years and these 10 are all from their collection of titles. You can read more about banned books on their site or you can read my thoughts on why I read banned books to my children.

Banning books means taking quotes like these off our shelves. There is so much beauty and empathy in books, even ones that might have some things we don't agree with.

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