Beat The Winter Blues With Activity Books!

5 wonderful books packed with hands-on fun for your child.

By Allison McDonald
Jan 22, 2015



Beat The Winter Blues With Activity Books!

Jan 22, 2015

January is hard for a lot of people, kids included. All the excitement of the holidays and winter break is gone, and bad weather is keeping kids from running off energy. Luckily I have a great list of books PACKED with things you can do at home to bust through the winter blues.

These books are filled with art projects, crafts, engineering, and messy sensory play. There is no excuse for a bored kid if you have any of these books on your shelf.

Once you have the activity book that suits your child the best, hand him a pack of sticky notes and have him read through the activities, marking pages with things he wants to do.

Then look together at what he tagged, note the page number, and write any materials you may need. You can even use the same sticky note — then you have a portable list to take with you to the store or your own art supply cabinet when it's time to create. Giving your kids the autonomy of choosing which activities to do rather than saying, "Hey, we're making vinegar volcanoes today!" not only gives them a say in busting through their own boredom, but also sneaks in some reading. Reading instructional texts is an important part of literacy. It helps develop readers' ability to get information from text. This skill will translate to other types of texts as well, helping your reader with her comprehension in general.

So not only will your kids stay happily engaged, they will also be working on important reading strategies and creating cool things to decorate your house now that your holiday decorations have made their way back to the attic!

Check out these 5 great activities books:

150 Screen Free Activities for Kids by Asia Citro

Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors by Rachelle Doorley

101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller.

The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family's Life With Art and Creativity by Jean Van't Hul

Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids by Maggy Woodley

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