3 Coloring Printables to Get Your Child Thinking

Invite your child to bring these great, kid-friendly quotes to life with this collection of free printables.

By Christie Burnett
Jul 10, 2017



3 Coloring Printables to Get Your Child Thinking

Jul 10, 2017
I’ve long been an advocate of providing children with creative projects for their age range. A well-chosen creative activity is perfect for kids to share their unique perspective of the world, as well as their knowledge, ideas and feelings. Today, I'm sharing three coloring pages that do just that!
These coloring pages feature simple quotes that your child can relate to, along with a drawing or writing prompt, and a space for him to respond. This invites your child to think about the words and share his unique perspective.
You're welcome to print out these coloring pages for use with your own child. Add pencils or markers and let him get busy coloring and creating, and enjoy the new ideas discovered.


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