20 Books Parents Loved as Kids and Can't Wait to Share With Their Own

Pass on the love of reading by sharing your favorite books with your own children.

By Maggie McGuire
Apr 10, 2013



Apr 10, 2013

As I continue to build a home library of great reads for my two boys, I have definitely gone back to some of my very favorite books from my childhood. It makes me that much happier to share a book I absolutely loved, with the ones I love. I have so thoroughly enjoyed rereading books through the lens of my kids and it never fails -- they’re just as satisfying and delightful as I remembered -- maybe even more so. There are some real treasures on our shelves at home and I hope they’ll be passed down for generations to come.

So, recently, we asked parents on our Scholastic Parents Facebook page to share some of their childhood favorites. The response was amazing and the book suggestions below were offered up with spirit, enthusiasm, and memories of absolute pleasure. It was such fun to read through what other parents loved as kids and are now eager to share with their own children. The outpouring was so inspiring that we just had to keep on sharing.

Here are the top 5 books parents told us they can’t wait to share or read aloud with their kids. 

1. Little House on the Prairie







2. Charlotte's Web







3. The Chronicles of Narnia







4. Anne of Green Gables 







5. A Wrinkle in Time







See the full list of books parents loved as kids here. We hope you find a few new jewels to add to your home library. And…pass it on!

What’s your favorite book from childhood that you can’t wait to share with your kids? Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page and continue the inspiration!  

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