15 Coloring Books for Your Kids (and You too!)

Coloring isn&t just for your kids! See why and get in on the action with this fun, diverse selection.

By Allison McDonald
Mar 17, 2016



15 Coloring Books for Your Kids (and You too!)

Mar 17, 2016

Have you bought yourself a coloring book yet? You may have heard that adult coloring books are very hip right now. They are. I saw a bunch of adult coloring books at the airport last month, and they seem to be popping up everywhere. As an early childhood educator, I'm trained to turn my nose up at worksheets, preferring hands on activities over busy work, which is why I'm in the pro-coloring camp for young and old alike. Here are my top six reasons why:

  1. Coloring helps children practice patience; you need a lot of self-control to color carefully.
  2. Coloring promotes family time when done together! I think it’s a great after-dinner alternative to screen time in the hours before you are ready to snuggle into bed and read.
  3. Coloring is great practice for fine-motor skills. Children who hate to write or get easily frustrated when trying to form letters can practice being more precise with coloring books.
  4. Coloring is a great stress reliever! This is why it’s become so popular with adults, but the benefits are the same for kids.
  5. Coloring requires the artists to use both hands at once. This is called bilateral coordination, which is important for all sorts of things like typing, scissor skills, and even self-care abilities such as tying shoes and zipping up that winter jacket.
  6. Coloring can spark interest in new things especially when the coloring books are about specific locations, characters, or even history.

Here are some no-where-near-babyish coloring books you can enjoy with your school-aged kids.

American Presidents Coloring Book

The Mindfulness Coloring Book

Wild Animals Coloring Book

Charley Harper Coloring Book, Vol. 1

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book

Ballet Class Coloring Book

Natural Wonders: A Patrick Hruby Coloring Book

Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation

The Art of Nature Coloring Book

The Story of World War II Coloring Book

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